Assembled Brands

Building preeminent, enduring brands that epitomize a refined & intimate customer experience above all.

Assembled Brands is a modern holding company that provides data analytics, forecasting, and capital to creatives and merchants building important, lasting brands.

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The Assembled Brands Process
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Our Process

We see an enormous opportunity to create seamless experiences at the intersection of the online and offline worlds.

Our Process for building brands

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Process Tier Disected


Identify affinity groups and use human-centered design to create experiences that strongly resonate with members of those groups.


Build immersive local brick & mortar environments in non-traditional retail locations that strongly complement their digital counterparts. Use those environments to distribute quality, on-brand goods and services.


Create a voice and aesthetic for digital channels with which the community can strongly identify. Utilize those channels to distribute original content designed to market product and drive traffic to the local brick & mortar environment.


Make product development and buying decisions based on empirical research gleaned from marketing and distribution channels.

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Aggregate, analyze, and act on all of your data using our software.

Assembled Metrics Assembled Metrics

Analytics software that aggrates eCommerce and sell-through data for merchants, creatives, and retailers.